Gulfport man faces eviction from person who originally tried to help

Gulfport man faces eviction from person who originally tried to help
Floyd Tillman is facing possible eviction again from this home in Soria City in Gulfport.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport man who originally faced eviction from his home in February 2017 is now facing potential eviction again.

This time, it is from the man who originally tried to help him in the first place.

Floyd Tillman could have lost his home more than a year ago, but his neighbor, Rev. Guy Wells, stepped in to help. "We hope that God will, and we believe he will, step in and touch the hearts of somebody who will help Floyd out," Wells said at the time.

The home Tillman has lived in for 40 years was sold in August 2010 after he did not pay property tax. Wells said he worked with the management company overseeing Tillman's home since last year and raised $2,100 toward paying $10,000 to buy it back.

But then, a surprise. Wells described, "They said, 'Mr. Wells, we see that you are collecting this, how much of this money comes from Mr. Tillman? We want to know exactly what he's doing to help out. How much of it is he paying from his check?' And I said, 'Check?'"

Wells said he never knew Tillman was receiving any kind of assistance, but Tillman said most of the money he's receiving for disability is dedicated to paying several loans.

"Tried to explain to him all my money is tied up," Tillman said. "I hardly ever see my check once I get a check."

For Wells, that's when the relationship began to change. "The problem is his own responsibility. His own decisions has got him in the dilemma that he's in the first place," he said.

Eventually the owners of the house offered to donate the house to Wells' ministry, Church Street Ministry, and not to Tillman himself.

Wells stated, "I believe they thought that we were responsible, and they wanted us to take responsibility."

According to Wells, $2,100 was paid to the owners for closing costs, appraisals and taxes. He wants to renovate the house for ministry purposes but said Tillman is invited to return once it is done.

Tillman said he doesn't want that. "I would have no ownership of the house," he added. "They would be over it and I'd just be staying here. I wouldn't have no say so."

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