Neighbors say eyesore home is bringing down their property values

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A Moss Point woman said the property next to hers is a junk yard.

Several other neighbors agree. We found out someone actually lives in the home along Kreole Avenue. The city has cited that homeowner twice in the last four months.

Drive by and you'll see tires, trucks, campers and even a shed out front. "Been like this for over two years now, because I've lived in the area over five years," said homeowner Debbie Diedrick, who lives next door.

Debbie purchased the home next door in November of last year. Since then, she said her property value has dropped more than $10,000.

She said, "There's usually yelling, screaming, people in and out, spinning tires, racing. They do it all over there. It's ridiculous."

Debbie made several complaints to the city and police department and the EPA. "The city's response is, I really don't get none. They say it's a process they've got to go through, but I don't see how long a process takes. They've been out here several times and nothing gets done," she added.

That's the same response I got from the city, it's a process. I found out the city has taken action twice in the past four months. In November, the property owner was given a $500 fine and ordered to clean up, which he did.

By March, the mess was back and the homeowner has has another court date and possible fine coming.

Moss Point's building inspector says the house has been condemned, so no one should be living there. He said there is a long legal process behind removing someone from their own property.

Still, Debbie wants something done. "To get in here and clean it up," she said. "That yellow truck, they made him put it behind the fence now it's back out front. I mean it's just, it's ridiculous."

Mississippi Power and the city confirmed there hasn't been active power or running water at this address since 2013. The city held a meeting on dilapidated properties a couple of weeks back.

This one was not on the list. The building inspector said they can't move forward with demolition because someone is living in the home.

The Moss Point Police Department has received 47 calls about the property since 2013.

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