Student brought ammunition, no weapon to Biloxi school

Student brought ammunition, no weapon to Biloxi school
This warning stems after two separate incidents happened at Biloxi schools this week. (Photo source: Biloxi Public School District)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A student at Biloxi's alternative school is in trouble after bringing ammunition to the school Thursday.

Biloxi Public School officials said it happened at the Center for New Opportunities, which is the district's alternative school. The district emphasized that the student did not bring a weapon to school and that students were never in any danger. However, officials said the school is still following its procedures as outlined in the handbook, which includes reporting the incident to the authorities.

"While our students and staff were never in any danger, this behavior is unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated," said the district's spokesman Jennifer Pyron in a written statement.

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