Opening night goes well thanks to Shuckers support staff

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a great night for baseball at MGM Park during the Shuckers' home opener against the Mississippi Braves. While the team shined on the field, there was another team hard at work behind the scenes.

Garrett Greene from Arlington, TX is leading off and playing the role of the new play-by-play man. Greene comes to the Shuckers after calling games for a team in Montana.

"It just felt like a really good fit," Greene said. "I was fortunate enough that they wanted me to be here for the summer. When you're working in minor league baseball, you're the media relations department along with being the broadcaster, along with doing social media.That's part of the job."

Playing as an usher is Joseph Bellman, a four-year veteran, who says the best part of his job is being at the ballpark, especially on opening day.

"You can't beat baseball," Bellman said. "This is what I came for. That's why I applied for the job to start with. When this came up, it was like getting free passes to come to a game, so why not work. It's not about the money, it's about being at the game every time you can."

Helping his West Harrison High School tennis teammates at the Murky Waters kiosk is the rookie from Madrid Spain, exchange David Serraro. He got a workout preparing BBQ nachos.

"It's fun, it's a different experience. I think it will be fine," Serraro said.

The home opener was fine, thanks to these individuals and others on the Shuckers support staff. For a recap of how the Shuckers wowed in the home opener, beating the Braves 2-0 for their fifth straight season win, CLICK HERE.

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