Child caught with BB gun at Gulfport elementary school

Child caught with BB gun at Gulfport elementary school
(Source: Harrison Co. School District)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A student at Bel-Aire Elementary brought a BB gun without pellets on the school bus Wednesday morning, say school officials.

According to Harrison County School District, other students saw the BB gun on the bus on the way to school and immediately reported it once they arrived at the Gulfport elementary school. The assistant principal searched the child's backpack and removed the BB gun before the child went to class.

School officials say there was never any threat to students during the incident. The student will be disciplined according to the school's handbook policies.

"We commend those students who reported this information immediately to the administration," said a written release from the district. "We ask parents to have a conversation with their children to remind them never to take weapons of any kind to school, including toys that look like weapons, and explain to them the importance of reporting anything suspicious."

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