Moss Point Library Gives Job Seekers Some Tips

This year alone Jackson County companies have laid off 1,200 to 1,300 workers. Many of those who lost their jobs were long time employees who haven't been out in the job market for a long time. So classes at the Moss Point library are helping those employees brush up on job-seeking skills.

After recently being laid off, Elmer Moore is one Jackson County resident looking for a new job. He says things have changed since the last time he went job hunting.

"In the past you didn't have to go through all this to get a job, but now you've got so many web sites, and people are going so high-tech 'til you either change or get left behind," Moore said.

The Moss Point Library is trying to better prepare job seekers so they don't get left behind. Instructors show students how to make a professional looking resume and cover letter using computer software and how to look for a jobs on the Internet. They say they decided to sponsor the workshop after a rash of layoffs in Jackson County.

"The thinking is that because they have sort of been out of practice for looking for work, this type of workshop would assist them in renewing those skills and letting them know about the different tools that are available now to help them find new positions," instructor Kathy Nicols said.

Not everyone in the class in unemployed, but they all are looking for an opportunity to better themselves in an ever changing work force. Seminars can't guarantee jobs but library workers say they can help students to put their best foot forward when approaching potential employers.

The Moss Point Library is sponsoring three more workshops. If you would like to attend you can call them at 475-7462.

by Danielle Thomas