Spring Break could mean big business for the coast

Spring Break could mean big business for the coast
Thousands of spring breakers are expected to spend money this weekend (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (AP) - Some business owners and their employees are looking forward to the upcoming spring break weekend. Thousands are estimated to come down for the event, which means that businesses could see a significant economic impact.

L.B Wilson, the co-owner of The Wayward Kraken in downtown Biloxi, is looking forward to the money that the spring breakers will spend this weekend.

"I'm excited for anything that brings a bunch of publicity and a bunch of money into this town," said Wilson.

He created a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, letting people know that while some businesses may opt to close for the weekend, his will be open and ready for the huge influx of new customers.

"We did very well during Black Spring Break (last year), so much so that that's how stunned we were when we heard that some of our neighbors and colleagues were closing," he said. "Like really, why? Why would you ever do that?"

He is not the only person who feels that way. Employees at Fayard's Poboys on Pass Road says they typically get a nice crowd throughout the weekend, as well.

"We usually have a real good day on Saturday," said the store's manager Hope Cull. "We sell quite a bit of gas on Saturday so it's definitely a boost to sales."

Cull said they also sell quite a bit of ice and food to the spring break crowd, and because of the wide-open pumps, the location serves as a popular spot for people to meet up before big events, like the concert and Twerk Fest. 

"Everybody's really nice and it's fun to meet people from different places too, so you get people from out of town and it's a lot of fun to see people enjoying themselves," added Cull. 

Year-round customers are their bread and butter but when they get the chance to profit from major events, they can't complain about a little extra on their plate.

"We love those street festivals, we love those big events that shut down the interstate," said Wilson.

All hotel rooms from Slidell to the Alabama state line have been booked for the weekend. Traffic plans are being implemented by Ocean Springs, Biloxi, and Gulfport this weekend, as well.

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