The April night and morning sky

The April night and morning sky

(WLOX) - The night sky is so vast and bright with wonder. Our ancestors use the stars as a guide in life and for just about everything. They would track the stars and make notes what happened and each year that would happen again. It is amazing to me to think about that time when you relied on your own observations and the observations of the people around you.

The technology and well, let's be honest, distractions of our everyday life today make it hard to do just that. But that technology makes it to where you can click the link I've provided by to see some of the cool wonders of this April night sky.

You can see Venus and Jupiter in the night sky.

Then in the morning, before sunrise, you can spot Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

Then, on April 22, the Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks with 20 bright meteors per hour visible to the eye.

With a telescope, you can see galaxies of Leo and Ursa Major. You'll be able to point out the big dipper and Polaris, not the ATV but the north star.

I encourage you to get out and look, and take your kids out and spark an interest in science on one of the April nights or mornings. The next few nights and morning will afford you the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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