Ice cream shop on the Coast creates safe, edible cookie dough

Ice cream shop on the Coast creates safe, edible cookie dough
Fahrenheit Cafe in Ocean Springs (photo credit: WLOX)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - An ice cream shop on the Coast, already popular for its unique take on the chilled treat, is amping up their game even more.

Fahrenheit Cafe in Ocean Springs sells the newest trend in the treat world, rolled ice cream. In addition to this latest sweet treat, now you can add edible cookie dough to the list of things you must try.

"We have chocolate chip cookie, oreo, and there's like a peanut butter slam flavor and then rocky road," said manager Jessica Coates.

Fahrenheit Cafe is the first shop on the Coast to offer edible cookie dough. And the best part is it's safe. Coates said the two harmful ingredients in cookie dough, eggs, and flour, aren't included in their take on the dessert.

"So, we don't put any eggs in the cookie dough. And then we bake the flour at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes," she said.

This pasteurizes the flour, making it safe for you to eat.

Jessica said she spotted edible cookie dough while on a trip in Gulf Shores. She brought the idea back to Farenheit Cafe, and the rest is history!

"You hear about it in big places like New York and LA, so for a small-town-Mississippi-kind-of-place, we're hoping the response will be good and large," she said. "In a completely unbiased way, I think it's, it's just cookie dough. It's really delicious. It's simple cookie dough."

Fahrenheit Cafe opens for business with edible cookie dough Tuesday morning. Click HERE to follow the shop on Facebook and stay up to date on their latest creations.

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