Hobie 17 North American Sailing Championships coming to a close on Sunday

Hobie 17 North American Sailing Championships coming to a close on Sunday
Sailors from all over the country are vying for the Hobie 17 National Championship. (Photo Source: WLOX)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Sailors throughout the United States are vying for the 2018 Hobie 17 North American Championship and the Hobie Mid-Winter Regional title in the Mississippi Sound. The Ocean Springs Yacht Club has been the site of the Hobie Sailing event since Friday.

You can't miss the colorful sails as they blow in the wind. Sailors from Michigan, Wyoming, New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Delaware, and Ohio are vying for the Hobie 17 National Championship.

Mark Ederer, a member of the Ocean Springs Yacht Club, came in second place in one of the Hobie Wave division races. Ocean Springs High School sailing coach Haley Baker says locals may have a slight edge.

"Just knowing about this area makes it a lot easier, "said Baker. "Knowing where the oyster beds are, where the lulls will go, when the wind clocks around."

On Saturday, there was a lack of consistent wind, which made it difficult at times. Baker says sailors have to make adjustments to offset the lack of wind.

Baker said, "For light wind sailing, it's a lot different than heavy wind sailing. In heavy wind sailing, it's more of just trying to keep yourself on the boat with the boat going forward. With light wind sailing, it's more tactical. You really have to think about your rigging, about where your sails are at, where your weights at.  It's a lot more to think about than it is in heavier wind."

Jane Sherrod of Sante Fe, Texas says she loves competing in the Hobie Cat races, something she's been doing since before 1990.

"The boats are all exactly alike, "Sherrod said. "They may have different sails. They're all made by the same manufacturer. So its just a test of skill not of how much money you can pour into the boat."

Phil Collins of Piedmont, Oklahoma heads into the final day of sailing sitting atop the standings in the Hobie 17 Nationals. Come on out on Sunday and get a brilliant glimpse of the Hobie sailboats gliding across the Mississippi Sound.

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