Releasing the Truth Ministries hosts 'free giveaway' event for needy

Releasing the Truth Ministries hosts 'free giveaway' event for needy
Releasing the Truth Ministries free giveaway (photo credit: WLOX)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A movement to help the needy in Moss Point is taking off after just three months.

Releasing the Truth Ministries held its third "free giveaway" event Saturday.

Pastor Kelvin Bolden heads the International House of Prayer. He teamed up with Releasing the Truth Ministries about two months ago. "I saw what they was doing and I wanted to be a part of it," he said.

Pastor Kelvin and a team of volunteers are helping the needy. Delilah Jackson founded the group. "We are reaching out to the people that's overlooking, for a lack of a better word," Jackson said.

Clothes, shoes, toys and hair cuts were all donated by the Moss Point community. Information on GED and SNAP programs was also available.

"People call and say look I have something set up in my closet that I'm not going to wear anymore. You can give it to somebody that need it more than I do," Jackson added.

The 6th Gear Motorcycle Club donated their clubhouse for this month's giveaway. Henderson said the crew donates their time and space because Moss Point is home.

"We always have done stuff for the community," said Robert Henderson with 6th Gear Motorcycle Club. "When Releasing the Truth came to us, we opened our arms up and said listen, our home is your home...we just want to extend our hands and say listen, we're not the ones that are forgetting you. We are here for you."

"We have fish plates, we have hotdogs, we have clothes, shoes, games, toys. We have everything. You need some help, come see us. You know someone, come see us. It's all free," said Ursula Collier with Releasing the Truth Ministries. She donates her time to help the needy because she was once in their shoes.

"Now I get to give back to those that's in a situation like I was one time before," she said.

Releasing the Truth Ministries changes locations monthly to be sure they can reach people in need all over the coast.

If you're interested in making a donation, follow them on Facebook HERE.

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