Professionals around Mississippi gather in effort to protect children from abuse

Professionals around Mississippi gather in effort to protect children from abuse

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A conference held at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino this week had one goal- protecting children.

The conference hosted around 500 professionals in the fields of law enforcement, CPS, mental health, and medical. The 5th annual One Loud Voice conference put on by the Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi was designed to give workers on the front lines techniques to help in the fight against child abuse.

"These professionals come together to learn more about how to work together and provide coordinated investigations to ensure that these kids are removed from harm's way and are protected, kept safe and also get the treatment that they need," said Karen Hangartner, Project Director for the National Children's Advocacy Center.

According to organizers of the event, one in ten children will be the victim of child abuse.

Mississippi Special Assistant Attorney General Paula Broome said many factors and skill-sets go into protecting children from abuse.

"Everybody has a role, and it's important that we get to gather together and learn the same types of information because it's kind of like putting a puzzle together, and we're all going towards the same goal," Broome said.

According to the Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi, the state is the national leader in the development and implementation of the Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) program, which prepares professionals who will major in the relevant fields of child protection and advocacy such as: criminal justice, social work, medicine, education, and child development.

Children's advocacy centers are located across Mississippi including in Harrison and Hancock Counties.

The centers provide abuse victims with a sense of safety and security.

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