Kids at Gulfport Boys and Girls Club reflect on the life Dr. King

Kids at Gulfport Boys and Girls Club reflect on the life Dr. King
Students learning about Dr. King. (Photo source: WLOX News)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Dr. King fought for equality and an end to segregation for African Americans. And decades after his death students at the Boys and Girls Clubs' Forest Heights Center in Gulfport are reflecting on Dr. King's work and the impact that is still felt today.

"We wanted them to be thinkers," said Forest Heights' CEO Keva Scott. "We wanted to share with them who he was and again the sacrifices that he made. What does that mean for you today?  What does it mean that someone over 50 years ago gave his life so that you could have certain rights afforded to you."

The children watched a program on Dr. King and took part in various activities focused on their own dreams of what equality is.

"Have that conversation amongst their peers. Have it when they go home with their family members, just celebrate Dr. King's life, his death and just walk in his path and take that message and carry it out throughout their life," said Director of Teen Services Sherrell Dedeaux.

"He fought for us to be able to go to school right?" Scott told the kids. "And so we shouldn't be fighting you to be able to go to school today."

For Jordan Bell, Dr. King's work is something he is forever grateful for.

"To recognize what he did for us and how he died for us to get a better education and have better lives," said Jordan Bell, a 9th grader at St. Patrick High School.

And though Dr. King contributed so much to ensure equality for all, Jayla Pleasant said there is still much to be done.

"I feel like we are on the right path, but you know we still have further ways to go, but we have to come together and do it all," said 
Jayla Pleasant, an 11th grader at West Harrison.

Scott said she wants the kids at the Boys and Girls Clubs to understand they are the leaders of today. She said many of them already volunteer, which is something Dr. King also did.

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