New state flag lawsuit set to be filed in court Wednesday

New state flag lawsuit set to be filed in court Wednesday
A press conference will take place at 3 pm at Ocean Springs City Hall Wednesday. (Photo source: WLOX)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Members of the Mississippi Rising Coalition are continuing their efforts to get the state flag removed from Ocean Springs city buildings.

A new state flag lawsuit is set to be filed in federal court Wednesday in Gulfport. This action by the Mississippi Rising Coalition comes after a second video appeared on YouTube. In the 10-minute video, a voice says he represents the United Dixie White Knights. The United Dixie White Knights admitted to sending the first video to the organization last week.

A press conference will take place at 3 p.m. at Ocean Springs City Hall Wednesday with the plaintiffs and lawyers for the plaintiffs.

Tuesday night, several friends and supporters of the Mississippi Rising Coalition packed Ocean Springs City Hall to talk with aldermen.

One even related the state flag being stained the same way as a tablecloth she held at the podium got stained at her house and is now unusable for family gatherings.

Also at the podium this evening, former Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran, who urged the mayor and alderman to reconsider the city's stance on flying the flag.
"I don't consider myself an alt left radical. I'm not gay. I'm not black, but this emblem offends me," said former mayor Connie Moran. "Now I know that Mr. Empey had presented the alternative that you have all voted for and the resolution and it seemed like a great idea, and we're gonna wait and see, and we support it going to a referendum. But in the meantime, we're gonna fly the flag. But you see, the parameters have changed, gentlemen. It's getting worse."

Resident Karen Whitley echoed Moran's sentiment, encouraging city leaders to communicate better with everyone.

"This is not helping anything anymore. This is an exercise in futility and frustration for everyone," said Karen Whitley. "Somehow, y'all have to find an avenue to open up conversation among everyone again."

That resolution they referred to was sent to Gov. Phil Bryant in December by the city asking him to consider a new vote on the state flag.

During the public comments, there were no speakers in favor of flying the flag.

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