People head to the beach for their spring break fun

People head to the beach for their spring break fun
A boy makes a sand castle during his spring break (Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT - Spring breakers came from far and wide to spend their vacation here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Sarah-Kay Saucier, along with her friends and cousins, say the two hour drive from Columbia was worth every minute because they get to spend spring break at the beach.

What they look forward to most? "Sunshine and good times, sweet times. Going to Shaggy's to get some of that good 'ole shrimp," said the kids.

They're out of school for the week and they're managing to get a lot of work done in just a few hours.

"Swimming, chasing, catching shrimp. Oh yeah we caught these little shrimp, looking at shrimp. We've been chasing the ball around and wishing that Spring Break was longer. It's not long enough," added the kids.

The parents, on the other hand, say they cannot wait for school to start again. "A week is fine. They get long enough for Christmas and then summer break is just around the corner in May," said Raymond Respress, a father of three.

Respress says long vacations, while fun, can be hectic. "They started spring break on the 30th, so this is like day four," he said.

Each day his kids want to do something new, and keeping three youngsters satisfied isn't the easiest thing to do.

So he and the kids are having a beach day. "We try to get out and try to do as much fun as we can. As you can see here, they're playing in the sand, I bring my fishing poles out here so maybe we can catch something," said Respress.

Catching fish, catching sun rays and a catching a break sounds like a good time.

For most school districts, this is the last vacation the students have before final exams and summer, when they'll be back on the beach.

For now, everyone is just making the best of it.

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