Action Report: Upholstery Company keeps customers furniture for years

Action Report: Upholstery Company keeps customers furniture for years

KILN, MS (WLOX) - A Vancleave homeowner says she's been waiting three years and three months for Nu Sun Upholstery to deliver two pieces of furniture she hired them to reupholster.

Debbie Braudis says she gave Nu Sun owners Scott and Nina Oubre a deposit of $862.50 on January 20, 2015, and they picked up a Lazy Boy console sofa, a Lazy Boy swivel rocker, and an antique rocker that belonged to her grandmother.

Braudis said, "The intent was that within three months I would have my furniture back."

Braudis says after three months there was no furniture, but plenty of excuses.

She said they told her, "It's almost done. Taking it apart.  We're putting the final pleats in.  We'll have it next week, and next week came and left…no furniture."

In 2016, Braudis said she was getting the same responses.

"I was to the point, tell me where you are, and I will come get it because they had moved from there to East Pass Road, "stated Braudis.

The company name changed to the Upholstery Place.  In the meantime, Scott Oubre dropped off one of the furniture pieces.

Braudis said, "They did bring me my rocker back."

Braudis says Scott Oubre promised to have everything done in August of 2016. Later she said she was told the furniture would be delivered by Thanksgiving.  It wasn't.

Action Reporter A.J. Giardina made a phone call to Scott and a few minutes later Nina Oubre called back.

He asked Nina, "Why does it take so long to get people their furniture?"  Her response was that she has had to deal with health issues and her mother was sick too.

The Oubres have now relocated to Kiln.  A.J. Giardina drove to their new location and was told they would deliver the furniture in two weeks. When A.J. Giardina went to get his camera, Scott wasn't happy.

Scott Oubre said, "We don't need this. We don't need this really. I thought you understood. Why put more bad pressure on us.  You're adding fuel to our fire, and we're trying to resolve it.  Now, I've got to put out another fire."

Late Monday evening, to the surprise of Debbie Braudis, the Oubres dropped off her furniture and she says they refunded $200.

A.J. Giardina logged on to the Better Business Bureau website, something Debbie Braudis didn't do.  If she did, she would have learned that the Mississippi BBB gives Nu Sun an "F" rating with 9 complaints dating back to 2015.

The BBB states, "This business has a pattern of complaints concerning the delivery of goods or services.  Consumers allege that once they have taken their furniture to be reupholstered and paid the fee, the company will not return the consumer's products. Nor will they grant refunds."

If Braudis had contacted the BBB, she would have avoided this problem.

Before you hire a company, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has complaints filed against it, and check out its rating.  The BBB says an "F" rating is a sure sign to avoid that particular company.

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