Hotels get ready for Spring Break business boom

Hotels get ready for Spring Break business boom
About 70,000 people are expected to come to the Coast for spring break 2018. (Photo Source: Pixabay)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While most of the attention surrounding the event focuses on traffic headaches, some businesses are expecting one of their busiest weekends of the year.

Highway 90 will be the epicenter of activity on April 13-15 when spring break festivities get underway.

By some estimates, 70,000 people are expected to be here over that 3 day weekend.

While a lot of coast residents complain about traffic congestion, hotels and motels see spring break as a business opportunity.

"We're completely sold out. We've been sold out for months. We've actually been sold out a couple of different times. As soon as we get a cancellation, we get two more to fill its space," said Barbara Weiter with the Edgewater Inn in Biloxi.

Weiter says people starting booking rooms as far back as November.

Management at the Quality Inn told us they are completely booked for those 3 nights, a familiar story at most of the lodging places.

Edgewater Inn employees say they've developed a relationship with spring breakers over the years. "We look forward to it.We try to get the same people back year after year. We get familiar with them. They get familiar with us. They know are rules, what we do and don't allow. We don't have any problems at all," Weiter said.

Events will be held at the Coast Coliseum and on the beach. Restaurants will be packed while gas stations and convenience stores will do brisk business.

With that many people in town, there are security concerns. The event is a boom for the coast's largest private security firm.

"We make sure that all of our long time clients are taken care of. The additional security they request are for things like parking, making sure of access control on their property. Then the additional things like restaurants and places where tourists normally go in and out of, additional security is added on at those properties," according to Windy Swetman.

Swetman security will be using their entire staff of 400 people and several extra guards.

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