A new seat honors missing soldiers at MGM Park

A new seat honors missing soldiers at MGM Park
A plaque stands in front of the chair overlooking the baseball field (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Colored a darker shade than the other seats in the stadium and placed in it's own row, this seat is designed to strike emotion.

It's called the Chair of Honor, a memorial to commemorate prisoners of war and those still missing in action.

"Reflection, a sense of pride of being American, a sense of honor to those that have served or are currently serving, and sense of remembrance to those that are unaccounted for and their families," said Chris Birch

The chair will remain empty to symbolize that those missing soldiers will always have a seat at MGM park when they return home.

"Remembering POW/MIA and the fallen. Commitment to return everyone home, it's so important, it's so vital," said Col. Mart DeStazio of Keesler Air Force Base.

Present servicemen and women who were at the dedication say that having this symbol is well-received.

"I think it means something even more to those in uniform today to know that towns, communities and villages are backing the men and women that are currently today deployed, whether it be on a ship or in some other country in the world. To know that the community believes in them," replied DeStazio.

No matter your culture, religion, language or beliefs, the chair of honor also serves to unite everyone for something quintessentially American.

"This is the United States and this is baseball, and we bring everyone into our ballpark. What better way to share that than to have a representation right at the gates when people walk into the ballpark," added Birch.

The chair of honor is permanently installed at the northern gate entrance of MGM park,. It will be proudly awaiting fans for the start of the Shuckers season.

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