Second Liners Mardi Gras club brings Carnival season joy to Easter fun

Second Liners Mardi Gras club brings Carnival season joy to Easter fun
The Easter Bunny passing eggs to a child at the Second Liners Mardi Gras Club event. (Photo Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - For some, the Mardi Gras spirit never stops, even on Easter.

The Second Liners Mardi Gras Club put on its annual Kids Easter Eggstravaganza in East Biloxi on Sunday.

It's hard work to have fun, the potential payoff is big.

"Just to see the children and the family members coming out and the kids having fun, playing the games and participating in the Easter egg hunt," said event organizer Harriet Mitchell. "The smiles on their faces, it is worth it."

Organizers hope the result will create happier families and a better community.

"They learn the value of love and people that care about the kids that don't have too much," said participant Neco Martinez.

"When we have the Second Liners come out and do things like this, for the unfortunate kids and stuff, they remember these things and they look forward to it every year."

Martinez gets about as much from the experience as the children do. "I love to sit and see them play, running and jumping and playing the games; having fun. That's my joy there," he said.

This is the 14th year the organization has sponsored the event.

All of John Henry Beck Park was filled with children's activities that tested their skills and taught them life lessons-- all without them really knowing it.

"They need lots of recreation," said long-time participant Judy Jackson. "They need people to support them and let them know that they're loved. Meet them where they are and show them that East Biloxi is a great community, and if they let us know what they need, we're there for them."

Jackson brings her family out to enjoy this Easter event every year.

"It's a time for the children to come out and enjoy their family and enjoy their friends," she said. "They see their friends from school and from church\and we just have a good time. We have a family reunion."

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