Southern Miss Jazz and Blues Festival highlights musical culture

Southern Miss Jazz and Blues Festival highlights musical culture

Long Island, NY (WLOX) - Good weather, good food, good friends and good music, you can't get a better mix.

The 10th annual University of Southern Miss Jazz and Blues Festival in Long Beach provided all of that and more.

It's the sounds that take Glenn Cobb back to his childhood.

"It's part of my heritage," he said. "My mom used to play jazz records, and I used to sneak into the parties and listen to them play the jazz. … And so, I became associated with it and grew to love it."

Hundreds gathered around the music stages set up throughout the campus to hear the sounds of Mississippi's musical heritage.

The music was front and center for most. Some used it to put a little show of their own.

It also provided a nice background for kids as they tested their skills with games of all kinds.
This was a girls' day out for Josie Miranda and friends.

"I'm from the south side of Chicago, so we're into jazz," Miranda said. "And when he said, 'Shy Town,' oh, yeah, baby! Jazz is just soulful. It reaches your core. I mean it touches your emotions."

It was the first Southern Miss Jazz Festival for the group.

"This is really great," added Tina Detiveaux. "I love going to functions like this because you get to do things, meet different people, and I think it's great for the community."

It brought out those who appreciate the essence of jazz and blues, like Ron Mozingo, who played guitar with the University of Southern Mississippi's first jazz band 50 years ago.

And he still plays.

"Oh, my gosh," he said. "I can't go to sleep without it at night. Have to do it every day."

And the festival hit the mark.

"This is just a great event," he added. "I mean, if you don't get here you're missing a great show."

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