Easter spending brings people to Edgewater Mall

Easter spending brings people to Edgewater Mall
Women pick out a dress to wear on Easter Sunday (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you haven't gotten your outfit and other supplies for Easter Sunday, Saturday was the day to do it.

"[I'm just] last minute shopping for shoes and Easter stuff," said Chantel Normand.

Edgewater Mall saw a wave of last-minute shoppers getting their hands on what they need for Easter Sunday. Bella Rose Boutique was no exception.

"We had a huge rush of people come in. It's been very busy, fortunately. We love the business. We've had a lot of people come in looking for Easter dresses for church in pastel colors," said Cecilia Patricks, the manager of Bella Rose.

The National Retail Federation estimates Easter spending to total 18.2 billion dollars this year, not as much as last year's 18.4 billion, but still a good number.

"Sales have been phenomenal. We've really appreciated everything. Everybody's been so nice and enjoyable," said Patricks.

According to records from the NRF, 81 percent of Americans will celebrate the Easter holiday, spending an average 150 dollars per person. That's why sales are on a lot of people's radars.

"Very much so, Easter sales especially with her for shoes. For me, I want to find something nice, pretty, something that I can wear today and another day if possible. It is spring so," said Normand.

For many families, pictures with the Easter bunny are a traditional must-have item for the holiday, not including decorations, Easter baskets, and things to fill them with.

"I try to stay clear of all the toys, and maybe go for the things I used to get when I was a kid like candy, a toy or two, but mostly candy," said Normand.

A nice thing about buying Easter candy is, that the day after the holiday it will all be on sale.

According to a retail data survey, 11 percent of people shopped online for Easter goodies while 9 percent shopped in stores.

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