Stations of the Cross keeps youth involved in church

Stations of the Cross keeps youth involved in church

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Good Friday commemorates the day Jesus Christ died on the cross, and churches across the world held live reenactments of the events, including those in South Mississippi.

For at least 20 years, the Stations of the Cross has been put on by the Mother of Mercy Catholic Church's youth class in Pass Christian. Friday, that tradition continues.

Since it's done every year, preparations for the next year never stop. Between finding costume parts, updating the scripts, and assigning roles, so much goes into just one day.

"Every year is special and every year we encourage the students to be more passionate about the role so that we can do a good service to what we're doing," said Tammy Smith, a religious education teacher at the church.

The students are indeed passionate about the stations. 18-year-old Elijah Barnes is thankful to have gotten the opportunity to portray Jesus.

"I found that it was very spiritual because I got to walk in the same footsteps he did when he was doing it for us," said Barnes. "What he did was, he died so that we could go to heaven, and I feel that walking in his same footsteps just meant everything,"

Only a male student from the confirmation class is selected to play Jesus. Once he is confirmed in April, Barnes will be someone the younger students look up to and acting as Jesus will help him be the best leader to follow.

"I think that all confirmation classes have to take that leadership role because the kids look up to you, and they're going to be in your footsteps when they grow up. So, you always have to take that leadership."

Religious denominations of all faiths are losing more younger members every year, the teachers say this is a way to keep the younger members involved.

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