Heavy rainfall from Thursday's thunderstorms

Heavy rainfall from Thursday's thunderstorms

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Heavy rainfall occurred in South Mississippi on Thursday. Most locations saw between one to two inches of rainfall.

The heaviest rainfall in South Mississippi was mainly across areas near Lucedale and George County; they saw rainfall amounts between one and three inches.

No storm damage was reported from the six southernmost counties of Mississippi. But, there were strong wind gusts which topped 40 miles per hour to the west in the New Orleans area.

"The rain poured for quite a bit on Thursday afternoon as expected," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "However, no severe damaging storms were able to form."

"There were several severe weather ingredients in place: shear, lift, and moisture," Williams continued. "But, one key ingredient was significantly lacking: instability, a sort of storm energy. This is why the threat level was relatively low. And we're thankful that nobody had to deal with storm damage even though I'm sure we were all ready and prepared for the possibility."

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