Jackson County residents keep Black History Month going all year long

Jackson County residents keep Black History Month going all year long

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - February may have been Black History Month, but members of Carver High School Alumni Association say African American culture should not be reserved for just one month. That's why they hosted a Black History Month program in March.

The original Carver High integrated into Pascagoula High School years ago but that's not stopping those with personal connections to Carver High from keeping their school's legacy alive. The Carver graduates celebrated the history of their community Saturday with a black history program.

"As you know the alumni, the actual Hornets, they're getting older," said Carver High alumni Valarie Jones. "So, we did not want this program to die off. We're going to continue to do the good work they are doing."

The program contained songs, dances, and poems that showcased the talent of black performers.

"Black history should be celebrated 365 days a year," added Jones. "There is so much to our history, so much that we don't learn in school, so many unsung heroes that no one knows anything about. And if we don't tell our story, who will?"

Organizers felt this program was especially important for children and teenagers who may not be taught every aspect of their history and culture. Seated in each row, there were kids looking and listening attentively.

"They don't know a lot about the history of our community. They don't know a lot about our history period because none of that is taught in schools," said Jones. "They know about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, but that's just as far as it goes, and so there's a lot that they need to know. They need to know where they came from. They need to know our struggles to appreciate where they are today."

To get the kids to look forward to where they're going, several historically black fraternities and sororities set up tables to encourage the youth to go to college.

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