Business owner reacts to Ocean Springs board of aldermen meeting

Business owner reacts to Ocean Springs board of aldermen meeting
Some Ocean Springs business owners are voicing their opinions on comments made during Tuesday night's heated Board of Alderman's meeting.
Many downtown businesses owners said they can understand both sides of the issue, but those like Chris Kwitsky said no matter which way you lean, what's important is keeping Ocean Springs a great place to work and live.

"I guess you have to look at both sides of the issue, said Kwitsky. “Maybe we can come together on this. We have other things going on that we need to worry about. I think all of the businesses down here will tell you that we're trying to give the very best entertainment value that they can get, and I'm sure our board of aldermen are trying to do the same thing. We have a really cool place to live here, and we know it." 

On Wednesday, Mayor Shea Dobson also responded to the call of action at the board meeting, which was led by Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark. 

"The comments made Tuesday night are completely untrue," said the mayor. We're trying to move this city forward. We're trying to bring economic development. We're trying to make sure that our infrastructure is working well, and everything is moving forward, and it's really unfortunate to see these attacks on the city."

During the public comment portion of the meeting, the Jackson County N-A-A-C-P president told the mayor and the board that keeping the current state flag flying above city hall is causing more harm than good to the city.

"For you see, the longer that racist state flag is flown over Ocean Springs, the greater the safety risks become for all minority groups, Clark said.

He added, “The city has been transformed into a cold, uncaring breeding ground for far-right racists. This is not a state issue; it is an Ocean Springs issue, and the mayor and board of alderman have the power to put it to rest."

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