Moss Point offering incentives for new businesses

Moss Point offering incentives for new businesses
Brackish Waters Restaurant in Moss Point opening in June (photo credit: WLOX)
Burnham Drugs in Moss Point is excited for new restaurant Brackish Waters (photo credit: WLOX)
Burnham Drugs in Moss Point is excited for new restaurant Brackish Waters (photo credit: WLOX)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - "Rejuvenate Moss Point!" is the city's slogan, and now small businesses are cashing in on new opportunities.

"I'm looking forward to all the new things that are coming here," said Sandy Wirick, who lives in the Escatawpa community.

She added, "I'm excited about the restaurant opening up again."

She's talking about Brackish Waters. The seafood restaurant will open its doors in June, according to a Facebook post. It's on Main Street near the bridge and you may have noticed some construction in that area.

Mayor Mario King said thanks to a grant, the road out front got a facelift.

Business owners are teaming up to help each other succeed. McCoy's will donate a boat to help shuttle people to the restaurant by water. That means the pier behind Brackish Waters will be redone too.

"We've been struggling recently. I think a new business coming here is going to be a great experience for us," said Chris McKinney, Burnham Drugs Vice President:

Burnham Drugs has been around for a hundred years. The management has seen a fair share of businesses and residents come and go, but the recent uptick means great things for their bottom line.

"We need more people, more new people coming in, younger people especially. I think it would just be a great opportunity for us," McKinney said.

You can expect to see quite a few new additions in Moss Point. The city is offering some incentives that are hard to pass up.

Small businesses looking to remodel will receive tax cuts. The city is also waving permit fees for new and existing businesses. Mayor King is working with investors to hone in on the types of businesses they want in Moss Point, and creating those spaces for residents. He said it's the city's way of helping new businesses thrive.

New businesses in Moss Point have done a great job at hiring local, creating more jobs in the city. Soon, you'll also notice something called the Moss Point Niche. It's a pamphlet featuring all the restaurants and activities in the city.

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