Cindy Hyde-Smith says she is ready for the U.S. Senate

Cindy Hyde-Smith says she is ready for the U.S. Senate
During her speech, Hyde-Smith stressed her commitment to conservative values. (Photo Source: WLOX)

BROOKHAVEN, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi will soon have its first ever female member of congress.

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed to the the U.S. senate by governor Phil Bryant in her hometown of Brookhaven. A crowd of 200 was on hand to hear the governor praise the current Mississippi commissioner of Agriculture.

"I know the soul of this woman. I have seen her. I understand the honesty and integrity that she exhibits," said Phil Bryant.

Hyde-Smith then praised the man she will replace. "I also want to thank Senator Thad Cochran, an icon in my eyes in the world of politics," she said.

She emphasized her commitment to upholding conservative politics, stating, "I am for repealing Obamacare. I also pledge to to also fight to protect the rights of the unborn child."

During her acceptance speech, Hyde-Smith already touted her close ties to the Trump administration and Washington D.C, saying she's been there already.

"One week after he was elected, I was sitting in the White House, looking at the transition team and trying to figure out how we're going to get this going. What an honor it was to be there with conservative leadership which has cut taxes, curtailed regulations and put us on the right path," Hyde-Smith recalled.

When asked if gender had anything to do with Hyde-Smith's appointment, Governor Bryant had a quick answer.

"This had everything to do with my decision. No one else could have influenced it. It wasn't made for any political strategic move. It was made because of the characteristics that Cindy Hyde-Smith has," said the governor.

Proud people in her hometown, including business owner Liz Morgan, know this is a special moment in the city's and the state's history.

Morgan said proudly, "I think it i will be a great advancement for any young lady that wants to further their politics."

On this day, no one disagrees with that.

Hyde-Smith will be sworn into office next month with Cochran officially steps down. She'll serve until at least November, when a special election will be held.

In November, she will be challenged by fellow republican Chris McDaniel, and democrat Mike Espy.

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