All Is Quiet

Our reporters coming in from the field say all is pretty quite right now. For one, Harrison County ordered a countywide curfew beginning at 9pm, so the streets are almost empty.

But there's also not much happening with the weather. The winds are calm, no rain. In fact, a quick walk through the station's parking lot about 10 minutes ago was quite pleasant.

Here in the newsroom, things have also calmed down. Several people sought out dark corners around the station to catch a little sleep before beginning their shifts.

I've heard from several of you already tonight by email. Thanks for the prayers. We'll do our best to keep you all informed about what's going on.

The Midthun Family from Minnesota wrote," We are pretty sure that our former home in The Pass will be gone or severely damaged. My wife and I are so nervous it almost seems we are still living there."

I'm sure a lot of people watching us on the web feel the same way. We have so many military families that pass through South Mississippi, we always hear from folks wondering about their old neighborhoods or favorite vacation spots. Although these days a condo project is just as likely as a hurricane to take out an old rundown landmark.