Gulfport parents brainstorm ideas to improve their kids lives

Gulfport parents brainstorm ideas to improve their kids lives
Parents pack the community center to listen to better parenting ideas and stories (Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's often said that it takes a village to raise a child.

That's the reason a large group of parents came to the Isiah Fredericks Community Center to learn from one another. Each one passed the microphone and shared personal tips and stories from their experiences of parenthood.

"That was the best thing, if a young parent was here that would be one of the biggest goals they can have-just to listen how people brought up their kids. There were some things that I heard and I said 'Oh I should have put that in there,'" said Roy Collier, a concerned parent.

Roy and his wife Simone have raised seven children, their youngest is in college now. They've seen first-hand with their own kids how parenting requires constantly evolving and adopting new techniques.

"The generation that's coming up, the younger generation is going to be a lot different than the generation in their teens now because they've seen the destruction of what can happen when you do wrong and different things, they see that now," added Collier.

Parents repeatedly brought up two key elements of a strong parent-child relationship. One key element was accountability.

"When my kids did something wrong, somebody told me. When somebody else kids did something wrong, I told them. When I grew up and I did wrong, I was told on before I got home," said Collier.

The second, and what attendees said is the most important element, was trust. In order for a kid to thrive in the outside world, trust has to begin at home.

"Mostly listen to what they had to say and I never would get upset with them. I would always just listen and say whatever it is just tell me about it. Tell me," said Simone Collier.

The Colliers say they listened to their kids, and are proud for doing so. Now they're listening to other parents and pitching in to guide the next generation in the right direction.

Some of the most vocal people at that meeting were teachers, coaches and preachers.

They say they spend most of their time with children and they want to do everything they can to ensure the well-being of the kids they are responsible for.

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