Pascagoula Police warn of fake 'police friends' scam asking for money

Pascagoula Police warn of fake 'police friends' scam asking for money
(Photo source: Pixabay)

The Pascagoula Police Department has been the target of an internet scam by a group asking for monetary donations.

A Facebook page, titled "Pascagoula Police Department Friends", has been identified as a fake group posing as an affiliate of the police department.

In a post riddled with typos and written in Caps Lock text, the page asks for donations and says "all proceeds goes to the Pascagoula Police Dept #2."

However, at the bottom is a link for donations toward a Houston food bank and button where users can send their money directly though Facebook.

The Pascagoula Police Department made a post on it's official Facebook page to address the scam, saying, "We are not involved with nor do we approve this page or any fundraisers they are promoting. All fundraisers approved by our department are shared on our social media accounts."

Captain Doug Adams says the best way to identify a scam like this is to know the police department's protocol.

When it comes to Pascagoula Police, he says, any announcements will be made directly by a verified representative of the department.

"We will never send you a letter, we will never call you over the phone, and we will never send you a Facebook message asking for money," he explained. "If we do a fundraiser, we tell you what it's for, just like when we took stuff over to Texas after the storm. If we're fundraising, you'll hear it from us. We don't have anyone else speaking for us."

The fraudulent page has since been reported to Facebook and remains under investigation.

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