Makeshift News Set

I just made a quick pass through our "green room," which is basically a waiting room for guests about to appear on a news show. Our studio crew has set up a makeshift news set for our anchors to broadcast from during the height of the storm.

Our building is made up of two sections, "old" which is pre-Camille and "new" which was built about seven years ago. The old section is where we will all be hunkered down when Katrina comes ashore. That's where we all stayed during Hurricane Georges in 1998.

Since then, a few walls have been put up, so I'm sure it will be even more cramped and miserable than before. But we will stay on the air, which is our goal. We never stopped broadcasting during Georges.

The old-timers tell stories about broadcasting during Hurricane Camille, and how they had to keep moving up to higher floors as the water rose. At that time WLOX called the old Buena Vista Hotel on Highway 90 home. It's now a parking lot for Beau Rivage Casino employees.

Unfortunately, it looks like Katrina will be my generation's Camille.