Shooting On Interstate Leaves One Person Dead, Another Injured

A New Orleans man shot a teenager and then killed himself on Interstate 10 around 6 a.m. Thursday.

The unidentified teenager was taken to Charity Hospital in New Orleans in stable condition.

Sgt. Joe Gazzo with the Mississippi Highway Patrol says it's still not known what events led up to the incident. Investigators say the two were traveling east on the interstate when they stopped around the three mile marker. That's where the boy was shot in the chin.

Authorities say the boy started running down the highway for help. A truck driver who was driving by witnessed the incident and tried to rescue the boy.

"A subject in an 18 wheeler, saw the predicament slowed down and opened up the driver's door of the 18 wheeler when he slowed up and opened it," Sgt. Gazzo said. "The boy who was shot jumped in. Then he proceeded down the road."

Gazzo says the man who shot the teen tried to ram the 18 wheeler and even fired a shot at the truck. The driver was not hurt.

Investigators say it appears that the shooter either lost control of his car or deliberately ran it into the woods before getting out and shooting himself in the chest.