Gulfport residents say they want solutions for flooded streets and homes

Gulfport residents say they want solutions for flooded streets and homes
Street flooding has been a big problem in parts of Gulfport (Source: WLOX)

When the sky gets cloudy, Damien McDonald's stress level goes through the roof.

He says a rainy day means his neighborhood in the Orange Grove area will definitely flood.

"I walked in it and it was knee deep right here on the side of the house, and it comes all the way up to the house and it comes in. Once it overflows it comes in the house and stuff," said McDonald.

When the rain stops, all of the water floods from one higher end of the street all the way down to a lower end of the street.

Residents say it takes more than an hour for the water to be completely gone.

It's a constant headache over whether their houses will make it through the next rainstorm, and many people are tired of they are tired of having to deal with it.

"We've had way too many close calls, and it's getting worse and worse, and if the rain doesn't stop it'll get all the way into the house and flood a whole lot more," said Mcdonald.

McDonald and his neighbors on Shirley Drive keep sandbags around their homes. It's about all they can do to protect themselves and their belongings from the rising waters.

They say they've been in contact with the city to address the flooding problem, but some have started looking to other agencies for help.

"It flooded this whole area and we contacted FEMA and FEMA just offered everybody here a loan, but I didn't take the loan. I was pretty upset," stated Jennifer Hernandez, who lives next door to Mcdonald.

Hernandez pointed out the constant flooding caused their backyard to erode, leaving the foundation of her home exposed.

The neighbors say they'll continue to look for ways to weather the storm, but for now they're not going to let the rain ruin their good time.

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