Coast will need luck of the Irish to stay dry this weekend

Coast will need luck of the Irish to stay dry this weekend
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SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Everyone may be wearing green Saturday but South Mississippi will be seeing a lot of grey for St. Patrick's Day. With overnight showers continuing into Saturday morning, it'll take the luck of the Irish to stay dry.

The rain is expected to continue off and on throughout the day, with scattered showers and thunderstorms covering the Gulf Coast. But the drizzly weather is bringing a pot of gold along with it, namely, warmer temperatures. Saturday is expected to see highs in the upper 70s and even into the low 80s. So while a rain jacket may be a good idea, you can leave your winter coat behind this weekend.

If you're heading out to any parades or pub crawls, you'll probably want to bring an umbrella. Parades and parties celebrating St. Patrick's Day are happening across the Gulf Coast on Saturday, with green-filled fun happening from Waveland all the way to Jackson County.


While it may not be a beautiful spring day outside, there are also some Easter egg hunts and events that are happening Saturday. And while you may want to leave your Easter suits and dresses at home, you can still grab a basket and some rain boots for a fun egg hunt.

As of 7 a.m. Saturday, no cancellations for parades or Easter events had been announced.

On Sunday, expect a few storms in the morning and again in the afternoon. A complex of thunderstorms from Louisiana and Central Mississippi may be pushed across the Gulf Coast overnight Sunday and into early Monday morning. Some of those storms have the potential to be severe.

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