Page 13: The art of coin collecting

Page 13: The art of coin collecting

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Coin collecting is an extremely popular hobby all around the world. Dealers and collectors are always looking for that rare coin that is not only historic, but valuable as well. The hobby can also be addictive.

"Anybody will tell you that as a coin collector that once you do this for a while, you start looking at every date on every coin that comes through your hands," said Norman Carnovalle.

Carnovalle owns The Coin Shop in Biloxi. Like many collectors of rare coins and currency, Norman discovered this hobby when he was a little kid. Carnovalle expressed there's a thrill for the hunt for collectible coins and then there's the value of making a wise investment.

"The older stuff can be anywhere from ten dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It depends on the rarity and the demand," Carnovalle said.

Carnovalle buys, sells, and trades at his shop and at coin shows around the country. Some of the coins can also have tremendous historical significance.

"Every coin has a history behind it. You never know who may have had a coin in their pocket. I have large cents from the 1700s. It may have been in George Washington's pocket," said Carnovalle.

There's a lot of interest in Confederate currency. After secession, the Confederate States of America printed their own money.

"Confederate money, it is a piece of history. From a value standpoint, it's about history and rarity," Carnovalle said.

From paper currency, copper, gold, and silver finding and collecting coins are a hobby and a history lesson.

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