Gulfport High School students 'Stayin Alive' with hands-on CPR training

Gulfport High School students 'Stayin Alive' with hands-on CPR training

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport High School Health Services students Cameron Bellow and his sister Sophie took part in learning Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to the beat of the Bee Gees iconic 70's hit song "Stayin Alive".

At this hands-on CPR training class, it's all about learning the technique, so students can possibly save someone's life one day by administering CPR.

"One of the first things our teacher told us is that CPR is great just for anything that happens in life," said Bellow. "We can take action and save somebody."

Thanks to a song that was a staple of the Disco era, the students got to learn while being entertained.

"I doubt that when that song came out years ago that the Bee Gees thought it would be an inspirational song to save lives," said Melinda Lewakowsi, Gulfport High Health Sciences instructor. "But they found that the rhythm of that song and the words were appropriate to help people do CPR correctly to save peoples' lives."

More students are learning hands-on CPR after state lawmakers recently passed a law mandating CPR training for high school seniors.

According to the American Heart Association, each year more than 400,000 people suffer what's called "out of hospital cardiac arrest", with less than half of those receiving CPR before medical help arrives.

But with training like this, the hope is that number will drop, confidence in performing CPR will grow, and more cardiac patients will truly be "Stayin Alive."

"The main thing is you have to believe in yourself because a life is a life, and you can't afford to hesitate," said Alex Wilson, GHS Health Sciences Student.

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