Gaming Commission Bans Six People For Life

Six known casino cheaters are no longer welcome in Mississippi casinos.

The gaming commission placed August Lamar Fortenberry, Gregory Hamilton, Roger William Lesher, Dennis James McAfee, Vincent McFarland and Grover Wayne Wright on what's called an "exclusion list."

The list is sort of like a black book. People who commit crimes detrimental to the gaming industry end up on it.

Gaming agents say the people banned for life manipulated slot machines, stole slot coins, or passed fake $100 bills through coast casinos. As a result, they've been banned from ever entering a Mississippi casino again.

According to gaming commission director Chuck Patton, there is no set criteria that goes into evaluating whether someone should be banned for life, he said.

``It is a judgment issue as to how bad a person has to be before they are excluded,'' Patton said. ``They (the six men) were excluded for different reasons.''

Pictures of the people on the exclusion list will be posted at all casinos. That way casino employees will know if the offenders ever sneak into a property.

The gaming commission originally established the exclusion list in 1995. The six people added to it today join Allen Leroy Savage as the only people to be banned for life at all Mississippi casinos.

According to Patton, ``What we are looking at here are people who do not rise to the level of being in that (national) book, but we don't want them to be in our casinos.''