Dogs back on patrol at Seabee base

Dogs back on patrol at Seabee base

It's been about four years since patrols at the Naval Construction Battalion Center were performed on all fours. Now, a new team of Military Working Dogs is resurrecting a program that will allow dogs to perform patrols on the base. The program had been defunded on the base.

Chief Petty Officer Eugene Marstaller said it's a move that means more security within the base walls. "Military Working Dog assets do that by doing random sweeps for contraband," said Marstaller.

One of the patrol pups is Vork, a six-year-old German Shepherd that's now getting acclimated to his workspace.

"We search the same way we train, so it gets us into the areas. The handler knows the area, and the dog knows the area, so they're not having new curiosities to distract the dogs when they go do an actual search," said Marstaller.

That training is extensive for the dogs and their handlers. But, John Martin doesn't seem to mind working with Vork.

"We've already got a good connection. He likes pets and all that, just like any dog does. But we've got to build a rapport so, with Vork, he and I seem to get along," said Martin. "He definitely makes work happier than just normal patrol would be."

The base already has two military working dogs under the program and has plans to expand to five.

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