Ocean Springs student with Down Syndrome is a 3-point master

Ocean Springs student with Down Syndrome is a 3-point master
Alex playing basketball at Ocean Springs High School. (Photo source: WLOX News)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs high schooler Alex Authement is showing people you don't judge a book by its cover. During a pep rally last week he beat out other students in shooting the most baskets during a knockout game.

Authement has Down Syndrome, but his teacher and brother say that's never stopped his determination. That's why his family calls him Alexander the Great.

Eighteen-year-old Alex Authement plays like a typical basketball player. And a good one at that. During a recent school pep rally, Authement was called to the court to take part in a game of knockout. He didn't disappoint, scoring five 3-pointers in a row.

"Alex is great at it. So he won. And he was extremely excited about getting a trophy and winning," said Alex's teacher Misty McMahon.

"I was in the stands I was screaming and hollering. You could feel the energy from everybody," said Alex's twin brother Chase Authement.

Even days after his win, Authement is still relishing in the victory.

"This is my trophy. I was a knockout. I beat many peoples in knockout game last Thursday," Alex said.

But Alex doesn't just excel on the court. His teacher and brother said he has a fierce determination.

"If he wants something done, he'll go and he'll do it himself. I remember a long time ago he never dreamed of playing basketball. 
He just kind of picked it up and he's been enjoying it ever since. It's like one of his favorite hobbies," said Chase.

Walking the halls his teacher says Authement has an infectious smile and doesn't meet a stranger.

"Even though he does have his limits. He adapts to where he includes himself in as many activities as he can. Sometimes happiness is right
there, you just have to take a moment to notice it," said McMahon.

The pep rally was a celebration after the school won a $50,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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