Proposed plan would extend Beatline Road to Hwy 90

Proposed plan would extend Beatline Road to Hwy 90

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - If you take I-10 or Highway 90 west of Highway 49 in Harrison County, there really isn't a road that connects these two traffic arteries in a straight shot. 
That's something the County Board of Supervisors wants to change.

A plan in its infancy could see Beatline Road continuing southward to the beach. Monday, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors took a very early step in the direction of making this project happen by approving an interlocal agreement with Long Beach and Pass Christian.

Many of the drivers in the area are singing praises for the idea, saying it could improve safety.

"It would make it a lot easier to flow through all the way to 90. You wouldn't have to worry about people going through the curve," said Orin Allen while eating at a restaurant along Beatline.

"I see people confused at this intersection quite often, turning on blinkers and not knowing which way to go. So, with this being a major throughway through here I think it would be a huge plus," said Craig Walker before driving onto the south end of Beatline.

The road would continue over the tracks, which would take some work acquiring easements of properties. It's an effort that John Dunn isn't convinced will be worth it.

"I don't think Beatline would be the way to go to tell you the truth," said Dunn, who lives right on Beatline.

He said the traffic will be rerouted from the parts of Long Beach and Pass Christian that could use the extra visitors.

"It's not bringing anybody to help the city into the downtown areas and that's where it needs to be," said Dunn.

But, the businesses on Beatline itself could see a boost if the number of travelers to the beach picks up. This is an opportunity that Shaun Miller, co-owner of Double D's Diner, doesn't want to pass him by. He also sees a safety benefit.

"More business possibly. Evacuation route. I think it's a great idea. We'll see what happens," said Miller.

The plan is simply at the agreement stage between the government entities involved, but, it would likely be a multi-million dollar project.

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