Gun classes for teachers hopes to prevent school shootings

Gun classes for teachers hopes to prevent school shootings
Teachers learn to carry their firearms properly in the 8 hour course (Source: WLOX)

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Some educators are adding a new lesson to their agendas.

Gun Ho, a shooting range in Pass Christian, is offering a special eight hour concealed carry course to teachers.

Four hours of the class are spent in a classroom setting, the other four hours are on the range.

"It teaches all the legalities of carrying a weapon concealed. Where you can carry it, how you can use it. When you can apply deadly force, all that kind of stuff," said Roger Caplinger, the owner of Gun Ho/

In the weeks following the Parkland School Shooting in Florida, there's been heavy talk about stricter guns laws and whether or not teachers should be armed.

"We're not teaching these teachers to go run down a guy and shoot him. We're teaching them to be the last line of defense for potentially themselves and their kids," added Caplinger.

He believes that with proper training teachers and other school workers could stop more school shootings from happening.

"You're your only best defense. If you're waiting on the police, you're going to be a victim. It takes 7 to 10 minutes for the police to get anywhere. You're going to die in a gunfight in 7 to 10 minutes."

Some people have been critical of the idea, saying that arming teachers does not solve the problem, especially when teachers already dedicate their lives their students.

Some have even questioned where school districts would find the money to supply the guns.

"Teachers have enough to do without having to worry about this, but at the same time wouldn't you want someone there who will be the last line of defense," said Caplinger.

But there's been a high demand for the course, so Gun Ho is adding more classes to accommodate everyone.

The State Senate on Wednesday voted to advance the bill to allow teachers to bring their guns to work after getting proper training first. The bill now returns to the House for more debate.

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