Pascagoula city council adds e-cigs to smoking ordinance

Pascagoula city council adds e-cigs to smoking ordinance
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PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A change to Pascagoula's smoking ordinance could cause some who use e-cigarettes to rethink where they vape.

Theresa Gouff is an owner of Outrigger Bar and Grill in Pascagoula.

She has a lot of regulars who fills these seats, some of whom vape at the bar.

Soon, those vapers will have to join her in the smoking section outdoors. "If you're going to do it for smoking, you might as well do it for all of it," she said.

She's referring to a change to add e-cigarettes to the city's smoking ordinance. The city council adopted the amendment last week, meaning once it takes effect, vapers will have to follow the same rules as smokers.

"Me, I don't care personally, but I'm looking out for my customers," Gouff said. "It's not good when you're serving food, and people trying to eat and smell it."

Kristin Froelich said the smell and the effects of vaping is one of the big differences between e-cigarettes and cigarettes.

"The worst thing is it smells like donuts, and you go around the corner, and its just a dude standing there and its not donuts. And that's really, to me, vaping is definitely better than smoking than that. Smells better, tastes better, you can breathe around it," Froelich said.

Still, as a vaper herself, she said that's no excuse for vapers to force others to inhale to inhale the smoke. She said amending the smoking ordinance is a smart move.

"The same way people who used to be able to smoke in a grocery store, or in a restaurant, can't. Just like vaping. You know, if you can't smoke, no big deal. Just wait til you walk outside," she said.

She said it's all about common courtesy and she thinks the ordinance will provide needed boundaries.

"There definitely should be some guidelines because everyone does what they want," she said. "So you definitely have to police people a little bit, but I don't think it should be that much of an issue."

The amended ordinance will take effect early next month.

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