Jaquan Foster will play a key role for two-time defending 6A Powerlifting Champion Gulfport

Jaquan Foster will play a key role for two-time defending 6A Powerlifting Champion Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Head coach Logan Fallo has transformed the Admirals powerlifting program into a powerhouse. To claim a 3rd. straight state title, senior Jaquan Foster will play a key role.

Coach Fallo said, "Foster was always a kid who wanted to be better.Very competitive and he kept working at it year-round. As a sophomore he won state in the 132's and got best lifter in the state of Mississippi for 6A for 123's.As a junior he won 148's and best lifter in the state for his weight class.

A few weeks ago Foster suffered a bout with the flu that resulted in a loss of 14 pounds. He's been working extra hard to pump up his strength with a goal of winning another championship.

Foster said, "The highest I ever swatted was 520 pounds. The highest bench was 270 pounds.   The highest I ever dead lift was 520 pounds."

Foster used his powerlifting experience to become a starting linebacker on the Admirals football team at 5-foot-6, 155 pounds.

"Powerlifting had really helped me in football, "said Foster.  "Lifting weights really gives you a lot of confidence on the field and really makes you more aggressive.  Being a little guy, especially playing in the 6A ranks really gave me confidence."

Besides excelling on the field of competition, Foster says his parents always stressed academics.

"My parents always told me sports is not everything, "Foster said.  "You're going to need something to fall back on.  You're not going to have sports forever.  Once you get done with sports, what are you going to have?  What's your backup plan?"

Sports helped Foster to excel and thanks to his athletic abilities, he became the first powerlifter in the state to sign a powerlifting scholarship.  In August, he heads to Midland University in Nebraska.

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