Moss Point High School alumni reaching out to stop crime

Moss Point High School alumni reaching out to stop crime
Adrienne Chapman and Terrance Turner are members of the Moss Point High School Class of 2008. They are sponsoring a Community Day April 7 in hopes it will help connect residents and unify the effort to keep their city safe.

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point High School's Class of 1983 has raised money for Mississippi Crime Stoppers to help regulate the instance of crime in the city.

Violent crime isn't just a Moss Point issue. It happens everywhere, but that is no excuse for tolerance to many people in Moss Point.

Now the city has another group of people dedicated to doing its part, and has as much invested into the community as anyone else.

Monica Cooper is part of the Moss Point High School and Moss Point School District Alumni Association. Alongside her graduating class of '83, she will present a check to Crime Stoppers that will go toward paying for tips that could lead to more arrests.

She and her classmates all learned lessons early.

"We grew up in a climate of history celebration and community activism," she said. "So, we're just doing what we learned to do from people that were older that we are."

Moss Point Police Department continues to investigate several murders with no one yet in custody.

"I'm just personally moved to do something to help with solutions and not be a community complainer or just somebody that stands on the sideline," said Monica Cooper, who is involved with the Moss Point High School and Moss Point School District Alumni Association.

Since the recent rash of violence in Moss Point, organizations have stepped up to help, but hat entity has a bigger buy in to public safety than the school system? What people care more about their city than those who have graduated from Moss Point High School?

Terrance Turner and Adrienne Chapman are members of the Class of 2008.

They are doing their part of a Community Day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 7 at Second Street Park. There will be food, face painting, children's games and guest speaker.

"I don't want it to be a one-day deal," Turner said. "I want there to be more people doing positive things to give back as well. We have a lot of people who do that, but the more the better."

While they want positive outreach, they also want something else.

"We always want justice," Chapman said. "We had a classmate murdered at the beginning of February and we definitely want to see her murderer brought to justice."

That friend was Taleya Guy, who was shot to death outside the College Villa Apartments on Ladnier Road in Gautier.

"So much light has been shed on the violence and on the bad," Chapman added. "And I think that we need the same amount of press and light shed on the positive things.

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