How to keep your garden green during a cool snap

How to keep your garden green during a cool snap

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If you've been trying to recover your garden from the winter freeze, these cool snaps might present some challenges.

Cooler weather can sometimes be tough on gardens, especially if it follows extremely warm spring days. "You never know what you're going to get with the weather anymore it seems," said Melissa Mooneyhan at Frasier's Nursery in Jackson County.

According to Mooneyhan, the recent warm weather has gotten people back out in the garden earlier than usual.

"The old tradition of waiting until after Easter to plant is very good, but there are those who like to go ahead and get their tomatoes and vegetables in the ground," she said.

While the cold snap overnight forced the nursery to take some precautions, Mooneyhan said business had to go on.

"We did cover the hibiscus and the tropicals, but all the customers are out because the sun is out and beautiful and they want to make their yards look great, so we had to go ahead and get them in," she said.

Greenhouses provide shelter for plants at nurseries, but Polly Cuevas at Pine Hills Nursery in Pass Christian says she knows many people may not have that option.

"Just keep in mind that tender plants might need protection if we're going to have 40 degrees or cooler," she said.

Protection for plants could be as simple as a sheet, Cuevas noted, just enough to keep off the frost.

There's still another backup plan if you can't get them covered in time. "If you get up early after a night of frost, you can wash that off with a hose, just sprinkle off the leaves of the plants with a hose and that washes off the frost so they don't get damaged when the sun gets on them," she said.

With these sunny days mixed in with the cool nights, that might be just the thing to do to keep your greenery green.

Experts say hardier plants, like trees and shrubs, aren't necessarily going to be affected by these cooler temperatures.

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