Jackson County releases list of residents with unclaimed money

Jackson County releases list of residents with unclaimed money
The State of Mississippi lists residents owed unclaimed money (photo credit: WLOX)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - If you live in Jackson County, you could be owed some money.

The state of Mississippi has a list of residents with unclaimed money and Jackson County leaders want you to collect.

Resident Marshall Smith scrolled through the list of folks with unclaimed money. "Lost money. But I'm unable to find it on this list," he said. "My mother up in Kemper County, she had some money that was in a bank account that she hadn't touched in a long time and it was on the list last year."

Unfortunately, no luck for Mr. Smith. He said, "No no. I'm not upset about it. I think I ought to be able to keep up with what little money I got."

"You know anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars owed to individuals here in Jackson County," said Jackson County Board President Randy Bosarge.

Bosarge said money is owed to hundreds of individuals, which could mean you. WLOX ventured out to Scranton's Restaurant, looking for people who had searched the list and were hoping to cash in.

"Well I think that if anybody has it they'd be glad to find out," said Scranton's hostess Shirley Dale. "Nope. Not on the list I don't think."

"I don't see any," said Jackson County resident Mike McElhaney. "I'm really disappointed."

McElhaney said he truly didn't expect to have money tied up.

"Matter of fact I got a message Friday that says I was on the list. So I looked it up and yea, I'm on the list. So I'm gonna have to go collect my money," he said.

It's free and easy to search. Just visit the State of Mississippi Treasury website and click on unclaimed property. Enter your last name, then scroll through the list until you find a match.

Click HERE to search the database.

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