Time to spring forward this weekend

Time to spring forward this weekend
It's already that time, y'all. Don't forget to spring forward this weekend!

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It's already that time, time to spring forward.

This weekend we will all lose an hour of sleep.

On Sunday, March 11, all clocks will jump ahead one hour from 2 A.M. to 3 A.M.

This will begin the period known as Daylight Saving Time.

"This allows for later sunsets in the summer," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "A lot of people wonder what if we did not spring forward and just kept the time the same. Well, this would result in incredibly early summer sunrises, almost an hour before five in the morning for our region."

"As you set your microwave, oven, desk, and car clocks forward this weekend, it's also a good time to remember to change the batteries in your home's smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors," Williams continued.

Daylight Saving Time will run through November 4.

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