Beach vendors get an early start on summertime rentals

Beach vendors get an early start on summertime rentals

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When the weather is nice, people head to the beach.

Vendors are getting an early start this year, renting out jet skis in March instead of the later summer months like May and June.

"This year, we're looking forward to having an awesome year. We're looking to do at least 20 to 25 rides, especially on the weekends," said Justin Martin Perkins, a Biloxi Jet Ski Rental employee.

People came from all across the Gulf Coast to spend the weekend on the beach, like the Tolbert family from Thibodaux, Louisiana.

"The weather has been perfect lately so we took a chance and it was worth it. No rain, no rain, no rain clouds," said Renata Tolbert, an out of town visitor.

With the first day of spring just around the corner, a lot more people from out of town are expected to be combing the beach for Spring Break Weekend which could bring more business for the vendors

"That's going be epic man, that's going to bring a lot of revenue to the city. It can get a little chaotic, but for the most part it's controlled. There's going be a lot going on. There's going to be a lot of love," said Kioenta Causey, a Biloxi resident.

Beach vendors say if the weather continues to be like it's been this weekend, summer will be a success.

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