Groups gather to pray for Hancock County schools

Groups gather to pray for Hancock County schools
Praying to end violence at schools

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Groups across Hancock County gathered at schools Sunday to pray for the safety of the students and faculty.

"It was started by a friend of mine name Roy Schubert. He called me the other day in light of what happened in Florida recently. We just want to take a stand and show people that prayer also works as one of the options besides gun control," said Michael Reimann of Bayside Baptist Church.

Reimann led the group at South Hancock Elementary. The idea, a simple one, walk to each entrance and pray to bless the building and those who use it every day.

"Things aren't going to change unless we let god change them in this country," said Reimann. "So we're just coming down here to pray for the safety of the kids and the families. There's a lot of stuff that goes on with these kids outside of school that needs some prayer also."

Vickie Wesner believes, even a small group like this can help make a change.

"It makes a big difference," said Wesner. "Because even one person can make a difference. Even a child can make a difference in this world."

Reimann says part of the goal is to show a child who may be headed down the wrong path that someone does care.

"Most of the time it's one of the other kids. One of the peers that feel isolated and alone and don't have anybody to reach out to," he said. "And we want to give a message also that the churches are there. Everybody's loved."

It's a message of safety and love they hope will spread across the county.

"We just like to pray that God will put his blessing on this school and all the schools in Bayside and Hancock County," Wesner said.

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