Mosquitos Aplenty

There's an all too familiar enemy flourishing on the coast these days. It's those pesky mosquitos and they're out in full force after a week's worth of rainfall in the Gulf South. Anthony Sciambra is with Mississippi Mosquito Control which is the company that services both Hancock and Jackson Counties and says, "We're seeing a major influx of mosquitos breeding due to the storm, Allison, coming in and dropping a lot of water on us, that's causing a lot of the mosquitos to hatch off, we have a bad problem from Houston all the way to Mississippi."

Because of the rain the increased mosquito population could be attributed could be a problem because of areas that are not normally hot beds. Sciambra says, "They're really smart creatures they'll lay their eggs in a place where they know water will eventually come; mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to two years, sometimes longer than that waiting for rain."

The employees at Mosquito Control say ditches are a perfect example of part of the problem in Hancock County, now although there isn't always standing water in the ditch, the ground is still pretty moist and mosquitos realize that there will be water there soon and a great place to hatch their eggs.

Sciambra says, "They have laid eggs everywhere, so normal spots with normal amounts of rainfall, that don't normally flood, now are flooded and all those eggs are wet, and they hatch off."

Now the chore is to use chemicals in neighborhoods and wet areas in the three coastal counties to eliminate the bugs. "We have trucks spraying both in the afternoon and in the morning, seven days a week and we also have an airplane that's flying and spraying in our worst areas, that's on top of the larvaeciding and the hand fogging that we do."

If you are having a mosquito problem, you can call them at 467-2629 in Hancock County or 762-5965 in Jackson County.